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Focusing on Motorsports, Aviation, Special Olympics, and whatever else interests me...or you.

Contact Tom at f51gtphoto@f51gtracing.com.

My 2015 NASA Great Lakes/Midwest Regions Photo Schedule:

11-12 April Gateway Motorsports Park - Madison IL
18-19 April Mid-Ohio - Lexington OH
05-07 June - Mid-Ohio - Lexington OH
17-19 July - National Corvette Museum - Bowling Green KY
19-20 September - Autobahn - Joliet IL
02-04 October - Mid-Ohio - Lexington OH

“Black Tiger at LeMans” – “Ford GT Beats Ferrari at LeMans” – “Donahue and Jones, Camaro and Mustang Dual in Trans-Am” – The book and headlines that stamped a permanent mark on the impressionable consciousness of a northern Indiana youth, opening my eyes to the challenge and excitement of roadracing and made me a fan for life. Many years later, after seeing an ad for the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) first annual National Championships at Mid-Ohio, I grabbed the camera gear and headed for that classic asphalt ribbon in the beautiful rolling hills of north central Ohio and discovered the fun, friendship and spirited competition of grassroots roadracing. 2015 is my ninth season of shooting NASA events, a grassroots photographer documenting the season for grassroots racers.

Spending time around fast cars is a natural complement to my professional vocation as an aerospace engineer and Air National Guard member where I’ve developed, built and supported fast combat jets. My trusty Argus and Canon 35mm cameras have been shooting race cars, airplanes, the Great Lakes and great American family vacations for over 4 decades. Retiring from the Ohio Air National Guard granted some additional freedom in recent years and, along with entering the digital photo age, I’ve narrowed the aim of my photography with the goal of documenting grassroots roadracing, historic warbird aircraft, and the heart-warming world of Special Olympians. And, I try to grab a few other action sports along the way.

My goal in motorsports photography is to capture the speed, drama, fun, and fellowship of the sport in order to document and preserve the experience for competitors and their teams and families. I’ve been helped along the way by very generous coaching from some incredibly gifted shooters who continually challenge me to improve my skills. My thanks to them is to offer you the best photo coverage I can deliver. Let me know your needs and desires and I’ll do my very best to provide.

Photos can be purchased in many types and formats from this SmugMug site using the "Buy" button found above any selected photograph. Contact me via email (above) if you have special requests.

License info: Images for sale in my galleries are intended primarily for personal/non-commercial use. If you have a need to use any of my images for commercial purposes, send me an email and we'll talk.

Thanks for looking at my work and for your comments. If you decide to purchase any of my work, I'll consider it an honor and a compliment.

NOTE Regarding my action photography: I generally don’t shoot “safe” or “low risk” shots at high shutter speeds like many “track day” photographers. I tend to hang out more on the ragged edge shooting at lower shutter speeds to enhance the sense of speed and excitement, which is the whole point action sports. I don’t post every shot I take on my SmugMug site. Limited highlights of specific events are posted, but I only load additional photos upon specific requests from competitors, teams, and families because I only select the good shots and then post-process each individually to be sure it’s the highest quality I can provide. Hence, my process takes a bit longer, but hopefully provides action photography that is appreciated.

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